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Here are all my currently published works, their covers and synopsis

A Brave New World

Learning a new language is said to be a good way to train the mind. Now just imagine how much training you can get from learning a language innate to all beings alive. You have never heard it before yet you understand it perfectly. Well, that’s how my story starts, from wanting to learn Norwegian to learning the existence of a long forgotten world. Never take your words for granted, your promises lightly or your environment for definite, everything can change. Read on if you want to know just how much.
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A Fox of Hope

When walking in a forest to clear your mind ends up turning your entire vision of the world upside down. When he sits there before you, grinning at you with that foxy smile. When you touch a tail, you know. You just do. That’s all there is to it, knowledge or is it hope? Hope is the most powerful thing in the multiverse and here you have just been given a nice bushy tail full of it. It’s time to take a leap of faith and see where that takes you.
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Becoming series (Currently out of print)

You wonder what it’s like to be something different. Something out of legends. Something your parents hate you for. When your life is that of an impossible myth and you wake up each day knowing it’s the real world. To run and hide is only a temporary solution and will never really solve the problem. Sometimes you have to turn around and face the problem. This is what “becoming” means. Becoming all of that and yet living to tell the tale. A tale you are holding in your hands at this instant. Fear not. Open it up and find out the truth. It is a truth only one of my kind can talk about. And trust me it’s worth it.
Falawk Iring Rogue.
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